SEP 16, 2013

4 tips for creating a great radio ad

Many people think that the radio is dying out. And along with this, so is radio advertising.

This however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Radio is still booming and advertising through it is as important as ever.

When done well a radio advert can push your company into stardom. So how do you create a great radio advert? Well in this blog I’m going to show you...

Know your audience

To appeal to your target audience you firstly have to understand what makes them tick. What would they like to hear from an advert? What are they worried about? Can your product solve those worries?

This research will dictate everything in the advertisement, from music to tone. This is why getting it right is so important. Miss the mark and your target audience aren’t going to be interested.

Knowing the audience will also help you gain a better idea as to which radio station you advertise on. Each radio will have their own target audience. You need to establish which ones match.

Know the product

Radio is a much harder medium to advertise on. You don’t have the ease of working with images, so you can’t show how your product or service works. This is why knowing the product inside out is important.

You need to be able to portray all the benefits, how it works etc through voice and sounds. Sit down with the product and look at different avenues you can take. Is there one part of the product that can be properly demonstrated through radio?

Keep it short

The key to a good radio ad is to make it short and sweet. When you last listened to the radio, how many adverts lasted over 30 seconds? I’d bet it’s very few. This is where the advert creation starts to get tricky.

You’ve researched your audience and you know the angle to take with your product. Now how do you sell it within 30 seconds or less? Well, I always recommend just sticking to the facts. No show boating. If you’re product is good it’ll sell itself. Tell people what they need to know and end it.


One thing that you mustn’t do when creating your advert is to lie. I know, it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at the amount of businesses who tell little fibs as they try and flog their wares. Lying will soon sour your reputation and you’ll find that your product doesn’t sell with a sour rep.

Remain honest in your ad and just state fact.

Good luck! 

Created on 16th September 2013
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