MAR 12, 2014

Radio advertising and why your small business needs it

Maybe you listen to it in the car or on the tram. Or perhaps you prefer it in the kitchen cooking the evening meal? Or maybe it helps you get through your working day...

Regardless of where you listen or why you listen, you do listen. And that’s because radio plays an important role in our everyday lives. We learn from it. Catch up on our news using it. Relax to it.

And despite popular belief, it’s just as powerful as ever. Making it a wonderful platform for your business.

To illustrate our point we’re going to list 4 of the biggest advantages of radio advertising and why you should, at all costs, consider using it.  


For a small business, a huge advertising campaigns isn’t feasible. Advertising on TV or in a huge number of print publications always proves to be expensive and not always fruitful.

Radio however offers a number of different channels – National, genre specific, speech based and local.

And it’s through local that smaller businesses can benefit.

This type of radio station attracts people in your area. It’s the go-to station on your neighbours dial. Your local bus driver has it on. It’s on in the hairdressers round the corner.

And those are the people you want as customers, right? So advertising your business locally will help bring people to you. Alert them to your presence and sell you.


As we said, TV and print can be expensive.

Radio however, can put your name in front of the right people at a lesser expense than its counterparts. Take the production cost for example. All you need is a script, voice actor and microphone. A TV advert though, needs a location, camera crew, audio crew, director and every other expense that comes along with film. Things you can’t afford.

Note: We wouldn’t recommend recording and producing your own radio ad unless you have some experience in radio production. A poor quality advert can ruin a business reputation as quick as a good ad can help it.

Here at Jam Studios we offer radio commercial production at competitive rates so that you can create a professional ad without the mammoth marketing budget.

Get in touch with us here.

Accurate targeting

Your customers are unique. They like certain things. They’re interested in certain news. Dance to different music. And radio channels target different audiences with varying programming schedules.

And that’s excellent news for you.

After conducting just a little research amongst your current customer base, you can find out which schedule your advert will be best in. Meaning people who’ll be interested in it will hear it, rather than people who don’t give a damn about your latest discount code.  

Time efficient

Creating a radio advert is time efficient too.

As soon as the script is written, the recording can be conducted within the same day.

Video ads can take weeks, if not months to film.

This means that you can get your advertising campaign off the ground in next to no time, allowing you to reap the benefits sooner rather than later!

So as you can see, radio advertising isn’t dead. Nowhere near. In fact, for smaller businesses, it’s the better choice. Cheaper, time efficient and accurate it allows any business to reach out to their audience.

And that’s all advertising is!

Created on 12th March 2014
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