JAN 10, 2014

Top tips to help you choose the right recording studio

Many unsigned recording artists choose their recording studio based on price. They look for the cheapest option and go for it.

But as with anything – you get what you pay for.

To help you ensure that you get the best recording possible we’ve put together some top tips to help you find the studio that’s right for you.

Let’s get started...

The size

If you’re a singer songwriter then you aren’t going to need much space to put your tracks down. A decent isolation booth will be enough. But if you’re a band with 20 members you’re going to need a little more room.

Many bands like to have a jam before they start recording. If that’s something you do, then you’ll need to check the space is there for you.

And remember – it’s all well and good that it’s big enough. But if it’s not been treated acoustically, the recording is going to sound pretty shoddy.

Is there an engineer on site?

So you’ve got to the studio and set up your gear. This place looks professional, but hang on... There’s no one around to work all that expensive studio equipment?

Make sure that you’ll have someone with you who knows how to work all the gear.

Having a good engineer on site will mean there’s someone to help you set up the mics, mixing boards and all the other fancy tech.

Have they recorded your type of music before?

If you’re a heavy metal band and you’ve found an engineer who has worked with that genre a lot, then great.

But if you’re a heavy metal band working with an engineer who has only ever worked with orchestras before, you’re going to meet with a few issues.

Speak to the studio beforehand and talk about the genres they have the most experience in. They might be perfect for you. But then again, they might be horrible for you.

Are they within budget?

No matter how you look at it, money is always going to be a factor in your decision.

If you’ve found the studio that’s perfect but they’re wayover budget perhaps you should consider compromising. Maybe don’t record 3 tracks, but just the 1?

It’s always better to have 1 great recording that 3 mediocre ones, right?

Created on 10th January 2014
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