DEC 9, 2013

Why a home studio isn’t good enough

Today, a lot of bands think it’s okay to record all of their work in a home studio. They write album-worthy material, practice it to the death and then waste it away on home recording.

Don’t get me wrong, home recording can be great. But only when the studio is purpose built. Otherwise the quality of the recordings won’t match up with that of a pro studio.

And here’s why...

The acoustics aren’t right – More often than not home studios are set up in back bedrooms or garages and as you can probably guess, these aren’t the best environments acoustically. What’s more is that usually, the person creating the studio has little to no knowledge of how best to create a recording environment.

This means the final product will be a studio that doesn’t offer the quality that you need in your recordings.

You’re no longer a musician – If you’re recording in a home studio then I can guarantee that you’ll spend more time setting gear up, organising mics and mixing tracks than you will actually playing music.

That’s not what you want is it? You’re in it to play music. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you head down to a professional studio then that’s what you can focus on. Your music!

There are too many distractions – Recording can be a frustrating experience. If you don’t get that guitar sound right on the 18th try it’s easy to just walk away. Even easier at home.

You see, all good recordings are a product of persistence and at home, it’s easier to put the guitar down and put the TV on.

In a pro recording studio you’ll have nowhere to run and a team of professionals offering solutions.

You will get it right eventually!

You aren’t going to get studio standard equipment – Unless you’ve won the lottery, chances are you won’t be able to buy equipment that provides the same quality sound of a pro studio.

You’ll be able to pick up fairly bog standard gear at a reasonable price, but as with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

So, before you think about setting up a home studio, ask yourself if it’s worth it. Do you have the money and the knowledge to make it great? Otherwise, it’s probably best to head down to a professional studio. 

Created on 9th December 2013
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