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Jam Studio

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Music Production


Whether you need to commission a jingle or record an album, you’ll be more than impressed with the facilities and talent at Jam Studio.jam_10


We have a large selection of producers, writers and session musicians on-hand to ensure commissioned work is as catchy as it is professional.

Or, if you have a band and want to record a track in a professional environment, we’re sure you’ll be inspired by the sound of our large, fully air-conditioned recording room and vocal booth.

For a sample of the work we’ve done this year, take a listen to the below tracks:

The Rounds

The Yeti (demo off upcoming album)

Watching the Earth Spin (demo off upcoming album)

Turning August

Tall Man - an amazing song from some truly talented young musicians. Cant wait to get them in studio to lay down another track.


Koeels Op My - Afrikaans hard rock at its best.
Droe Aarde

Spook in die Masjien (feat. MC Internet)

Wit Bril - Check out this brilliant new Afrikaans rap duo in this studio recording.

Lucy Kruger

Don't Steal Candy from a Baby - a soulful studio recording of a rising star.