Jam Studio always strives to offer the best value possible and we’re always negotiable. If you have an audio or video project in mind, please give us a call and lets talk about how we can help make it happen.

Although every project is different, here are some examples of what you can expect to pay:

Audio Tracking – R450 per hour

This is the recording everything from a voiceover to a full live band and includes all necessary gear, the studio space and an engineer.

Audio Post Production

This is the editing, mixing and mastering of recorded or supplied audio.

Radio and Television Commercials – R450 each
Band Recordings – R1500 per track
Long format audio (such as audio books and podcasts) – R750 for the first 5 minutes and R250 per 5 minutes thereafter.

Video Production

The scope of video production is enormous and difficult to cost without looking at the project in it’s entirety. However, here is what you can expect to pay for some of our basic services:

Videography – R500 per hour (this includes a 4k camera and operator, wireless lapel mics and lights)

Video Post Production

Video Editing – R250 per hour

Final Mix and Sound Design (for long-format video such as explainer videos, corporate videos, documentaries, movies, television series and actuality) – R1500 for the first 5 minutes of video and R500 per 5 minutes thereafter.

Facility Hire

Podcast Studio: A self-contained, soundproof podcast studio that can accommodate a host and three guests. It includes all mics, headphones, monitors, a DAW and a fibre connection. It also includes a serviced bathroom, kitchen and a meeting area.

Dry Hire – R250 per hour or part thereof.

Engineer (to help record, edit and facilitate your show) – R250 per hour.

Rehearsal Room: A self-contained, soundproof and acoustically treated rehearsal room big enough for a 5 or 6 piece band. Includes the use of a basic drum kit, a PA system, a bass amp, choice of guitar amps, mics, cables and mic stands. Available after hours and during office hours. Please enquire as to availability.

Dry Hire – R100 per hour (or part thereof).