If it’s audio or video, production or post-production, Jam Studio has got you covered.


Our studio is relaxed yet professional and can handle anything from a simple voiceover to a 24-channel, multitrack recording for the most complex of tracking sessions.

Besides a state-of-the-art control room, we also have two spacious voiceover booths and a large drum recording / live tracking room, which is more than big enough for a full band.

Each recording session includes the use of our gear: a PA, a selection of bass and guitar amps, a drum kit, a variety of quality microphones and preamps as well as all the cables, stands and accessories you could ever need.

We also work closely with some very talented session musicians and producers. This makes Jam Studio a great choice for commissioning a jingle or adding anything from live drums to a guitar solo to your next single.

And, as far as post-production is concerned, if you want it soft and folky or banging, we’ll mix and master your next track to perfection.

Our audio services include: 

  • Audio restoration
  • Audio editing, mixing and mastering
  • Multitrack band recordings
  • Radio ad recordings – with thousands of ads under our belts, we really know what we’re doing
  • Voiceovers
  • Audio books and radio dramas
  • Podcasts
  • Final mix for any video project
  • Sound design to make your explainer or promo video pop


These days, every band and brand needs an online video presence. Good thing Jam Studio offers cost-effective, professional video production that will get you noticed

Let us script and film your television commercial, viral video or corporate video. We can also animate an explainer video, be a fly on the wall at your wedding or company conference, or help your band conceptualise and produce a kick-ass music video. No matter what you want filmed, we’ll make it shine in glorious 4k.

Podcast facilities

Got a great idea for a podcast? Let Jam Studio help. 

Our completely self-contained, soundproof podcast studio can accommodate you and three guests. It has a small kitchen and a bathroom and all the gear you need to create a truly professional show.

You can either dry-hire the facility and handle the recording and post-production yourself; or we can engineer, edit and mix, create your show ID and help you publish i.e we can help as little or as much as you like.

Rehearsal facilities.

Got a band and tired of the neighbours complaining about the noise? We have the answer. Our soundproof and acoustically treated rehearsal room is big enough for a 5 or 6 piece band, sounds great and includes: a basic drum kit, a PA system, a bass amp, choice of guitar amps, mics, cables and mic stands – all for only R100 per hour (or part thereof).